Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Favorites with Reader Rabbit Math

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Favorites with Reader Rabbit Math

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Age: 5 - 7
Platform: Windows

Advance your child's essential skillsw/ 2 Full Version Reader Rabbit titles

Product Information

Reader Rabbit has been captivating children for more than 20 years withinteractive learning products in both schools and homes.  See for yourselfhow much fun children will have while learning with this two CD-ROM set.

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Favorites includes Reader Rabbit 1st Grade with an addedBonus to include Reader Rabbit Math Ages 6-9.   The 1st grade skillsinclude reading comprehension, spelling and phonics, basic mathematics, problemsolving, and 14 sing-along songs.  Children will gain confidence,creativity and inspiration with this collection. 

Product Titles Included
  • Reader Rabbit 1st Grade
  • Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 6-9


Product Overview

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade provides a rich educational environment with activitiesdesigned to develop important first-grade skills.  Children practicelanguage arts, math, creativity, and science while they help Reader Rabbit andfriends save Wordvilles annual musical. They then continue to explore andreinforce many of these ideas in the Learning Creations activities.

In first grade, children take the basic concepts they havedeveloped in preschool and kindergarten and apply these concepts to tasks likereading and arithmetic.  Six-year-olds use their mastery of letterrecognition; letter and sound correspondence; and vocabulary to help developtheir reading skills. Mastery of addition and subtraction requires a strongunderstanding of how to count. Reader Rabbit 1st Grade gives childrenopportunities to build academic skills and practice fundamental learningconcepts.

To reinforce understanding and application of new concepts, theadventure activities in Reader Rabbit 1st Grade have increasingly complex skilllevels, so the program can move from simple to more complex concepts at a pacethat suits each player. Players can tackle more challenging problems even ifthey havent mastered all skills or concepts in the program. Each skill areaadjusts its level up or down independently from the others, thereby creating atailored learning experience that addresses each players specific needs.

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade carefully tracks players responses toeach levels activities, using that information to adjust the type of puzzlepresented. Not all activities are suited to this type of auto-leveling(open-ended experiments, for example). These activities begin at the firstdifficulty level and become more complex as players complete more of the game.

Its time to join Reader Rabbit on a fun-filled journey to the four corners ofWordville. Theres so much to do before opening night. Time is running out,but the show must go on!  The adventure activities in Reader Rabbit 1stGrade help children build language arts, math, science, and creativity skills,while the Learning Creations activities encourage children to explore andstrengthen fundamental skills through creative play.


  • Professor Owl's Tree House - Follow the path to Professor Owls Tree House to develop language skills.  Complete the gateway activity that leads to the tree house and the Word Bird and Silly Scripts activities.

  • Doorbell Spell Gateway - Theres a secret to unlocking Professor Owls door. Listen to the riddle, and find the missing letter in the word on the door. Then enter the tree house!

  • Word Bird - How will Penelope Parrot learn her lines for the big show? Listen carefully to Professor Owl, and help Penelope correctly pronounce her words.

  • Silly Scripts - Professor Owl is a wonderful scriptwriter, but shes forgotten some of the words.  Fill in the words to the stories, and youll have a script for the big show!

  • Papa Bear's Store - Follow the path to Papa Bears Store to build math skills. Complete the gateway activity that leads to the store and the Costu-Matic and Costume Count activities.

  • Week Creek Gateway - Help Reader Rabbit hippety-hop across the creek to Papa Bears Store. Arrange the turtles in the order of the days of the week so Reader can hop across without getting wet.

  • Costu-Matic - Its easy to make wild and wacky costumes for the show tonight. Just pick the pieces you need, and pay for them with the correct change.

  • Costume Count - What does Papa Bear have in his storage closet? Find out by adding and subtracting costume pieces, and youll discover the perfect costumes for tonights show.

  • Pierre's Studio - Follow the path to Pierres Studio to strengthen your music, acting, and drawing skills. Complete the gateway activity that leads to the studio and the Pattern Piano and Billboards activities.

  • Autograph Hound Gateway - Reader Rabbit doesnt mind being hounded by his fans. Help him choose a picture to autograph. The picture should show the feeling his fan describes. Then continue on your way to Pierres Studio.

  • Billboards - The four billboards you see in Wordville are blank. Use Pierres paints and drawing tools to describe the big show on the billboards. Then see your billboards posted on the paths to town!

  • Bab's Workshop - Follow the path to Babss Workshop to learn science skills. Complete the gateway activity that leads to the workshop, and the Measure It! and Prop Sorter activities.

  • Animal Geography Gateway - Oops! Theres something strange about these props and scenes. Pick the animal prop that doesnt belong in the scene. Then find Bab's at her workshop.

  • Measure It! - No show is complete without a set. Help Babs measure objects so that they fit perfectly on the set shes building.

  • Prop Sorter - Work the controls of Babss sorting machine to choose the right animal props for the show. Watch how the tracks move. Then use the controls to flip the props from track to track and into the log for the trip to the theater.


Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 6-9

Sam the Lion, Reader Rabbit, and friends are back on the Reading Road - andthis time they're looking for Sam's imagination! Join them and a host ofterrific new characters, including Buster the Car and the Crooning Caterpillars,as they explore 15 amazing lands filled with activities, books, and surprises.This breakthrough learning program develops 1st and 2nd grade reading andphonics skills, encourages creative thinking, and nurtures a lifelong love ofreading.

Three ways to learn - all in one program. A highly effective approach thatmeets your child's individual learning style.

  • Open explorations
  • Explore & Enjoy language while strengthening phonics skills and building vocabulary by clicking on the amusing animated `tickle spots'.
  • Skill-building games
  • Learn & Practice with over 100 word games and phonics lessons that build essential reading, listening, and thinking skills.
  • 30 Electronic Storybooks

Your Child is Ready for This Program if they can...

  • Can readily identify letters and their sounds
  • Possesses a beginning `sight-word' vocabulary
  • Can read simple new words
  • 30 Electronic Stories
  • Customizable Progress Tracking! Adjustable "Behind the scenes" tracking automatically redirects your child to extra practice in areas of difficulty.

A carefully designed, step-by-step program that really works!

  • Help Sam find his imagination - The journey begins when Sam the Lion sets out to find his imagination. Adventure awaits at every bend in the road.
  • Explore 15 reading lands - They're filled with challenging activities, engaging stories, delightful creatures, and click-able surprises.
  • Your road to reading success
    You can select the systematic `step by step' approach or `open access', which encourages free exploration.
  • Build skills, book by book - The journey comes to life with 30 charming stories, especially designed to build vocabulary and strategic reading skills. Children can read along with the characters or read the stories on their own.
  • Predict. Think. Imagine - The narrator asks your child open-ended questions before, during, and after each story to enhance imagination and comprehension.
  • Learn letter and sound patterns - In Ben's Rhyme Time, your child groups words that rhyme to make sandwiches. It's a tasty way to develop the ability to quickly recognize letter patterns.
  • Link sounds to make words - In Silly Syllables, your child makes the Crooning Caterpillars sing by putting word parts together to create multisyllable words. Let the show begin.
  • Enjoy reading success - Uh, oh.. a broken word bridge! Apply your new knowledge to advance to the next reading land. It's a fun way to reinforce skills, and experience success along your journey.

Skills Learned:

  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Multiplying and Dividing
  • Counting Money
  • Estimating
  • Telling Time
  • Creating Fractions
  • Solving Equations
  • Number Patterns
  • Place Values
  • Identifying Inequalities
  • Early Geometry
  • Measuring
  • Number Lines
  • Greater Than/Less Than

Windows Requirements


  • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 SP4, XP SP1
  • Pentium II 300 MHz or faster processor
  • 100MB Hard Disk space
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 8X CD-ROM drive
  • 16-bit color monitor
  • Sound Blaster 16 or compatible Sound Card
  • Color printer
  • Microphone (not included)
  • Internet Access recommended
  • Note:  bonus CD may require Window compatibility mode to run on Windows XP


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