JumpStart 3D Virtual World - My First Adventure

JumpStart 3D Virtual World - My First Adventure

Knowledge Adventure

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Format: Jewel Case
Age: 3 - 5
Platform: Windows

Youreinvited on a great adventure!

Product Information

Explore, play, swim, and slide in the coolest neighborhood ofall, JumpStart Town! Inside awaits a colorful, musical placewhere there are exciting games, swimming, sliding, and more, allcontained in a safe 3D virtual world. While kids explore this whimsical3D world of imagination, adventures, and learning, Frankie and the restof the JumpStart friends will provide encouragement anddirections. Parents will even get personalized progress reports,activity tips, and advice from educational experts so they can stayinformed and engaged in their child's growth.

Product Features
  • Unique 3D design and adaptive play immerse each child in awhimsical world of imagination, adventure, and learning
  • Friendly JumpStart characters offer encouragement,companionship, and directions along the road to discovery
  • Sing-along music videos and exciting activities and gameslet kids practice the skills they are learning, like reading and math
  • Kids can get creative in the Art House, plant flowers,practice ABCs and counting, and more
  • Personalized progress reports, activity tips, and advicefrom educational experts keep parents informed and engaged in kidsgrowth
  • Ideal for children ages three to five

Windows Requirements
  • Windows Vista, XP
  • Pentium III 1 GHz or higher processor
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • 1.4 GB of free Hard Disk space
  • 800 x 600 16-bit high color display
  • 32 MB 3D DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card and speakers
  • DirectX 9.0c (included)
  • Windows Media Player 10 (included)
  • DSL, cable or broadband Internet connection required
  • 24X CD-ROM drive